New High School Opens in Downtown Fort Wayne

There is a new high school in town. It is in Downtown Fort Wayne and classes begin Monday. The administration says they want to catch some kids who have fallen through the cracks.

“This type of school does everything upside down,” says Jason Habisch. Habisch is a teacher at Crossing Educational Center. We sat in on a school board meeting at The Crossing in Downtown Fort Wayne. Never heard of it? That is probably because it does not open its doors until next week.

Rob Staley, Executive Director of the Crossing Educational Center, says “Doing everything we can to find students who are displaced, have dropped out or are not performing well in a traditional school environment.”

The Crossing Educational center is located is located in the Youth for Christ’s Primetime Community Center located on Calhoun Street, near south Side High School.
It is faith-based and it is free. “One-on-one strong support and assistance by using a computer based education program, a 1 to 6 ratio with out teachers and students in the classroom and then our whole key is we are about transforming lives and not just teaching our students, says Staley.

Staley says it is an alternative school for kids who quit school but it is not a G.E.D. program. He says even though they are aggressively recruiting, they do not just accept everyone. He says “We are looking for people who are committed to work and are driven and motivated to get their high school diploma.”

The school is looking for students between 16 and 21, it also incorporates job training through internships. Habisch says “We believe in what they can do, not what they haven’t done.”

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