You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow

30% of high school students in Indiana drop out every year.

What are the options for drop outs? Low skill (and low paying) jobs that offer little advancement and can’t provide for basic needs. A dependency on others in all manner of unhealthy ways. A greater likelihood of turning to crime. (Not all drop outs are criminals, but most criminals are drop outs –over 80% of those incarcerated never finished high school.)

You reap what you sow

What if they had an alternative? What if we sowed the seeds of responsibility both given and earned? What if we equipped students to organize, analyze and strategize for the future of a micro business? What if we integrated academic learning with hands on job training that gave them a new set of skills to take with them out into the “real” world of the adult workplace -what would we reap?

The Fort Wayne campus Job Training Program is sowing and reaping great things in the lives of students with the help of community business leaders. Check out this video that was shown at their recent spring banquet:


When we as the community invest in these students, we reap a harvest of skilled, engaged citizens who have a hope and a future.

You reap what you sow

Crossing in the Times

There was an exciting article recently published in the Mooresville-Decatur Times that highlights the contract recently signed by the Mooresville school board to partner with the Crossing. We are very excited to be opening a school in the Mooresville district and look forward to seeing students’ lives impacted by this new partnership. Check out the files below to read the article that was published!

The Crossings at Mooresville pg1
The Crossings at Mooresville pg2

Crossing visits the Rotary Club in Monticello

Friday, February 27th, a Crossing student stood before the Monticello Rotary club and told his story. We are so proud of Ethan for bravely sharing what he did in a room full of strangers. Read the wonderful article below from the Monticello Herald to hear more about the meeting and what Ethan shared!



Special thanks to Lisa Tiernan of the Monticello Herald for writing the article!

CHA of Anderson highlights the Crossing

Students of our Anderson campus has been working alongside folks at the Community Hospital of Anderson. Recently the folks at CHA highlighted this relationship in an article posted to their intranet for all to see and learn more about their partnership with the Crossing. The article headline read as follows:

“The Crossing is a faith based alternative school located here in Anderson. The students come from all areas but have often struggled in traditional educational settings. The Crossing works to foster an environment where students feel they are part of a family.

Community Hospital Anderson has recently partnered with The Crossing, and their students have been working here at Community to gain job experience, while maintaining their academics at school.”

Thanks Community Hospital of Anderson for providing an incredible learning opportunity for our students!


We were recently blessed to have an article published on the front page of THE PAPER about our Elkhart Entrepreneurial Training Center. Special thanks to Lauren Zeugner for her words and efforts in highlighting our program. Please Click the image below to read more!

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 3.46.30 PM

Our Ligonier JTP Made the Front Page!

The students of our JTP programs are always looking for new ways to get their hands dirty and get out of the classroom. Recently, or Ligonier JTP students have found themselves partnering with local contractors to help with minor demo work in prepping homes for remodeling. Their efforts and ambition have caught the attention of the community. Check out the articles below to read more.

Jan. 29 Advance Leader – The Crossing
Jan. 31 New Sun-The Crossing

Special thanks to Octavia Yoder.

Jenny’s Girls

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.14.14 PM

Our mission at the Crossing can only reach its fullest potential when our volunteers accept the call to get involved. It doesn’t matter to what degree one gets involved, just that they do. We’ve seen individuals stop in once a month to help with paper work, while others stop in once a week to provide food for our students and to spend a little time with them.

Occasionally we are blessed by individuals that want to do more. Jenny Welch wanted to do something that would afford her the opportunity to reach multiple girls at at time. She started small, initially mentoring 2-3 girls during the morning session. Over time, more girls became interested in being a part of Jenny’s group of ladies. What began as an effort to mentor a couple girls turned into a group of 8-10 meeting every Tuesday. The group has expanded beyond the morning session causing a need to schedule the group to overlap with the lunch hour allowing girls from morning and afternoon sessions a chance to experience the life-changing discussions happening within this girls group.

Our students don’t have very many positive influences in their lives. Furthermore, they have even fewer people willing to fight for their lives. Jenny has chosen to fight for the lives of these young ladies by giving them a safe place to be real and to have honest girl-talk with someone who cares about them.

Jenny’s efforts recently aligned with a study her church, Waypoint Community Church, was going through. They produced a video highlighting Jenny’s efforts at the Crossing. Please click the image above to see this wonderful caption of what’s been going on with Jenny and her girls.

No matter how great or small, we need what you have to offer. Check out the Volunteer Section on our website to learn about ways you can answer the call to get involved.

Beech Grove campus is in the news!

Our Beech Grove campus has been open for just under a month and the community is already starting to notice! Indy’s RTV6 did a story on our new campus where they captured moments from Family Time and interviewed a couple students and staff. Check out the article and video by clicking the image below!
Beech Grove RTV6

We’ve got a new campus!

IMG_6156 (1)
For the first time ever the Crossing has opened a new campus mid school year! Beech Grove, IN (just southeast of Indy) is our new home and we are looking forward to learning how we can best serve their community.

“After just one week, there’s an incredible amount of momentum surrounding the Beech Grove Crossing campus. On day 1, we opened the doors with 21 students and have added five since then. The new staff has embraced the challenge of opening a campus mid-year and have poured themselves out to serve these students. Week 1 was capped off with a campus trip to an Indiana Pacers game, in which students gladly chose to hang out with their teachers on a Friday night!
Parents are already noticing positive changes in their children, and the students are finding that there’s something special about this place, though most of them say they ‘can’t explain what it is.’ Through excellent support from Beech Grove City Schools, we were given an excellent opportunity to succeed from Day 1. As our JTP work team has begun building walls at the campus, we hope to continue building relationships Good, Kevinwith our new students while working through life one day at a time, together.”


-Kevin Good, Region 5 South Administrator

Welcome to the mission, Beech Grove, of transforming the lives of our youth!

For information on the new campus, visit


Tales of Transformation in Kokomo

photo (1)
Our Kokomo campus hosted their banquet last week, inviting supporters new and old to join our mission in reaching the lost souls of our youth and giving them a second chance for an education and an opportunity to turn their lives around. At the event attendees got a chance to hear stories of our students transformations from the students themselves. To read more about coverage of the event, check out the article by the Kokomo Tribune!

100+ Women Who Care of Elkhart County Get Involved!

100+ Women Donation_small

It is such a blessing when individuals and groups from within the community take it upon themselves to get involved in our mission. 100+ Women Who Care of Elkhart County is a group of women who care deeply about the Elkhart Community. The Elkhart campus was fortunate enough to have been nominated and chosen to receive a $10,000 gift from the group of women. We thank you for your generosity and for blessing our students and being part of this mission with us!

To read more click here!

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a very busy first semester at the Crossing. As we kick off our winter break, we hope our students and supporters have a very blessed holiday season. To close out the calendar year and semester, we have the first Rob’s Minute of this school year! Please click below for a brief update on our year so far. See you in 2015!